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Depending on Al Ahli fans requirements, an appeal has been heeded through the contract Future Horizons Company of schools and private schools managements with the Egyptian Al Ahli Club under supervision of administrative and technical constellation of Al Ahli Club.

Reaching name of Al Ahli club to its fans in the UAE through the gathering of UAE citizens and the Egyptian and Arab communities with their children participating in the Academy during the exercise and in all the activities of the Academy, which leads to cohesion and making sure of the foundations, rules and entity of Al Ahli Club which are based on high values and principles.

  • Teaching the arts of game, correct laws and proper tactics.
  • Discovering, developing talents and qualifying them to join Al Ahly Club as well as the youth sector.
  • Upgrading and developing player’s abilities physically.
  • Upgrading the educational, psychological and health levels
  • Upgrading the educational and cultural level and developing the spirit of belonging and discipline.
  • Educating youth more about family ties, good behavior and good dealing with others.
  • Checking player’s strengths and weaknesses in aim to develop and improve them.
  • Offering the academy’s players to the top local and international clubs in accordance with conditions and regulations of Al Ahli Club.

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