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Depending on Al Ahli fans requirements, an appeal has been heeded through the contract Future Horizons Company of schools and private schools managements with the Egyptian Al Ahli Club under supervision of administrative and technical constellation of Al Ahli Club.

Our Mission

Reaching name of Al Ahli club to its fans in the UAE through the gathering of UAE citizens and the Egyptian and Arab communities with their children participating in the Academy during the exercise and in all the activities of the Academy, which leads to cohesion and making sure of the foundations, rules and entity of Al Ahli Club which are based on high values and principles.

Al Ahly History

  • How Al Ahly Started?
    1907 - 1917
    Al Ahly establishment story and how the idea of a "patriots club" began ... And story of the first football team representing Al Ahly Club. Read More

  • The legend Player Mukhtar
    1917 - 1927
    Story of the first match in history ... and the legend's joining that helped to create Al Ahly Club entity ... The first championship that benefited Century Club's treasury. Read More

  • Silver Jubilee for Al-Ahly Club
    1927 - 1937
    Story of the eternal saying "Principles before championships" ... the first hat-trick in history of the Egyptian summit ... and the entry of 10 new sports. Read More

  • Last Round Hero
    1937 - 1947
    How did Al Ahly caused jealousy feelings to its competitors due to winning all the Cairo league championships in the last week ... Al-Tatch retiring and joining a new legend to take up Al Ahly banner ... Al Ahly's role in the Palestinian issue. Read More

    Maestro's Era and the First League
    1947 - 1957
    Story of the first general league championship in Al-Ahly history and the radiant beginning of the red team. Read More

  • Cairo's Eternal Hero and How it Defeated Benfica Team
    1957 - 1967
    Al Ahly breaks the record of winning times in the Cairo championship ... and how the Egyptian champion beated the European one in a historic match. Read More

  • The 70s Golden Generation
    1967 - 1977
    Story of one of the greatest football generation ever in Egypt history .. That is led by the Hungarian Hidegkuti ... and Al-Ahly role in the wars of 1967 and 1973. Read More

    Al Ahly Invades Africa
    1977 - 1987
    The beginning of Al Ahly superiority in the African continent ... Maestro is Al Ahly chairman for the first time ... and new records. Read More

    Century Club
    1997 - 2007
    League's winner for consecutive seven times .. José's coming .. Winning Century Club Title. Read More

  • Records Citadel
    2007 Onwards
    Standard participating in World Cup .. Local slam Read More


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